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What our students say about the Accelerator

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Lea Fisher

Media Technology and Communications, at Technische Universität Braunschweig

We support each other

I like Stibo Accelerator because I can be around people that are also writing their thesis, and we can brainstorm and support each other, and Stibo Accelerator also helps you find a business partner.

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Amanda Andersen

Master in Corporate Communication, Aarhus University

More motivating to work

I loved writing my thesis in the Accelerator. It was more motivating to work on my thesis at Stibo, than from home, and to clearly know when I had time off. I worked closely with Stibo during my thesis and could always go to them for sparring.

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Heine V. Hansen

IT, Communication & Organisation, Aarhus University

Always someone to talk to

It was very fun! Especially since I have been writing my thesis alone, a lot of the people were writing in groups. I think that it has been wonderful that I always had someone to talk to and was able to move around. And of course, the great free lunch and coffee.

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Søren Kjær

Business Development Engineering, Aarhus University

A lot of passionate people

It was a big pleasure to work with such passionate people here in Stibo Accelerator. Working so closely with professional organisations from the industry and having Karsten as a mentor on my master thesis has been really fun and interesting.

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Emil Maron

Design & Interactive Technologies, IT-University Copenhagen

I felt part of the team

Despite working from Copenhagen, my team still felt like we were a part of the Accelerator because of the weekly meetings, mentoring and the fact that we got an office space in Copenhagen.

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