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Thesis by Samuel Xavier and Tobias Larsen

Deep learning within customer experience

This thesis presented a technical engineering proposal for Matas A/S that offers customers a new and consistent way to gather information during a shopping session in a physical store from personalized self-systems.
The scanning mechanism of the system is developed as a Deep Learning Neural Network Algorithm that only requires you to place the product on the prototype.

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Thesis by Heine Volder Hansen

LiDAR Scanning

Apple introduced LiDAR sensors in their devices back in 2019, in order to enhance the Augmented Reality Experience. This thesis will research how the LiDAR sensor in Apple’s devices can be used in a Master Data management system context.

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Thesis by Emil Maron, Emil Søndergaard Hansen and Simon Mathias Hansen

Nudging consumers to shop more environmentally-friendly

This thesis examined the application of interactive digital design for the dissemination of food’s climate footprint in the context of physical grocery shopping.

We offered consumers interactive price tags, which convey the food’s price and climate footprint, as well as an information screen that visualizes the food’s climate footprint and presents comparable foods.

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