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Mindset of the New World

Louise Opprud Jakobsen 

Keynote speaker

Keynote topic

Which mindset will help you, in a digital world that we’ve seen 0,1% of? How will you go about getting “7 educations in your 1 career” as some evaluations point to is needed nowadays? The world keeps changing - therefore our mindset and thinking needs to do the same, so we can follow, understand and navigate the new world - and create value in new ways in the digital opportunity space that stands open right in front of us.

In this talk, Louise will take us for a behind the scenes look at some of the world’s most innovative companies, while sharing the Neurosciences of innovation and creativity with us. Expect to learn tools, mind-setting, methods and get inspiration from companies as Pixar, NASA and Dropbox - while glimpsing deep into your brain and uncovering how you can gear your own most genius thinking.

About Louise
Louise Opprud Jakobsen has more than 8 years of experience helping companies into the digital paradigm. She is the former Creative Lead of Innovation Lab, one of Scandinavia’s first innovation think tanks. She is an international keynote speaker and has given several hundred keynotes on the topic of new organizational innovation models and the new ways of working; among others for LEGO, Google, Weekendavisen, Hyperisland, Novo Nordisk.

Talk info

16.30 - 17.15
Main stage in lunch area