The SynergyXR Demo Experiences

Discover new and better ways of working

See for yourself how the future of marketing is going virtual with this industry-defining exhibition and showroom demo that uses heavy machinery as an example.

Step inside this breathtaking demo of a fictional wind energy company to discover how the evolution of onboarding is rapidly changing how to easily upskill your employees.

Immerse yourself into this furniture and decor demo to see how you can now showcase your products without having to be physically present.

Make remote sales intuitive and memorable

Replicate that feeling of walking into a decorated showroom and browsing furniture. Whether it’s beds, chairs or cupboards, SynergyXR allows Furniture & Co. to furnish a virtual showroom with 3D models of their product catalog and present it to customers. Built-in shopping carts make it easy to complete a purchase with confidence.

Bring your employees into the engine room

Every onboarding of new hires involves certain time and resource constraints. With SynergyXR, you’re able to streamline that process considerably. By designing a virtual onboarding room that equips users with the right knowledge and big picture perspective, employees at Wind Energy Inc. can quickly get a grasp of how their wind turbines generate power for every household.

Scale your trade fair exhibition and showrooms globally

Think about the difficulty of showcasing heavy-duty vehicles across geographical distances, or any other product that isn’t easily transported from point A to point B. Using SynergyXR as a virtual platform, Heavy Machinery Inc. can scale its trade fair exhibitions and showrooms globally with an out-of-the-box experience that communicates its brand in a powerful new way.